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Artificial Intelligence, Real Money:AI and deep learning in Martech

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 20:35-21:00 at Online Track 2


TenMax works with Gojek, the Indonesian super app, to leverage insights from the Gojek ecosystem which provides ride sharing, food delivery, grocery shopping and payment services, and roll out an AI-based advertisement service platform,to accommodate the marketing needs of millions of brands and merchants in the Gojek supply chain.

In this talk, Brian Yang will provide a high level overview of the e-commerce and digital marketing landscape in South East Asia, the technology stacks to build an effective Martech platform, and how deep learning is applied in TenMax.

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  • 楊志偉 Brian Yang Website:
  • funP Group / Cofounder & CSO
  • Brian Yang is the cofounder of funP Group, a VC-backed digital marketing group based in Taiwan with operations in Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia.

    funP Groups owns both, a leading marketing consultancy and, a RTB (Real Time Bidding) Martech platform which is the exclusive tech partner for Gojek, the Indonesia super app worth USD 20 billon.

    Brian Yang holds electrical engineering degree from National Chiao Tung University and MBA from Cambridge University.

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