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Advancing to Full-Brain Artificial Intelligence

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⏱️ 10/7 (Thur.) 18:05-18:30 at Online Track 1


Artificial Intelligence shows its great potential, e.g., vision, speech and language recognition and creation. However, AI of other brain functions, such as reasoning, feeling, strategy, and knowledge learning, is still in early-stage exploration.

Since human brain is a graph of 100 billion nodes and 700 trillion edges, we have been building graph computing foundations for more than a decade to explore achieving full-brain functions.

Our latest version is the Graphen Ardi AI platform.

What can Full-Brain AI technologies be used? For instance, a US consulting firm published a white paper in May 2020 listing Google, Graphen, Intel and Nvidia as potential companies whose foundations will power the advance of future drug development.

Graphen Medical has been utilizing the Ardi platform to design vaccines based on the molecular structure of virus proteins and antibodies.

By considering nearly a million of possible mutations, now or future, and more than two million of the genetically sequenced worldwide SARS-Cov-2 viruses, we are able to predict functions of mutations and find ways to fight with them.

Graphen’s AI Tools for Medicine (Atom) provides protein structure, functioning, and binding prediction, and Small Molecular and Biosimilar Drug Development.

It therefore powers large-scale document reasoning for Whole Genome Analysis applications.

Graphen Financial is impacting industry through Virtual Finance Agent, Bank Monitoring and Cybersecurity, Non-Performing Loan Prediction, Fraud Detection, Money-Laundering Detection, etc. Graphen’s AI platform shows outstanding performance at car fixing diagnostics and solutions, reaching high accuracy of fix suggestions with small training set.

It can be also used for Renewable Energy Monitoring and Customer Service Agents for any industry.

We can see exciting potential of such Full-Brain AI platform. Now is just the beginning.

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  • 林清詠 Ching-Yung Lin Website:
  • Graphen Inc. / CEO
  • Dr. Ching-Yung Lin is the CEO of Graphen, Inc. since 2017 and an Adjunct Professor in the Depts. of EECS in Columbia University since 2005. Graphen’s mission is to build a novel full-brain AI platform to solve industry challenges in Finance, Medical, Automotive, Energy, and Cybersecurity.

    Before founding Graphen, he was the IBM Chief Scientist, specialized in Graph Computing, and created the Network Science and Machine Intelligence department at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Dr. Lin was named an IEEE Fellow in Nov 2011, the first in the area of Network Science.

    He was also an Adjunct Professor in NYU, 2014, and in Univ. of Washington, 2003-2009. Inspired by human’s brain being a network of billions of nodes, his research interest has been on realizing Artificial Intelligence of full brain functioning via fundamental R&D breakthrough.

    He led several large-scale global AI projects of 30~120 researchers in the last 20 years, including then the largest US social media monitoring project of researchers from Columbia, CMU, Northeastern, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, Stanford Research Institute, Rutgers, Minnesota, and NMU, and projects for the governments and industries in US, EU, China, Russia, and Southeastern Asia. Dr. Lin was invited as a keynote or plenary speaker in 70+ conferences, including a panel speaker together with the White House Chief Data Scientist in the interim annual American Medical Association meeting in 2015.

    He was invited to speak in US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, US FINRA. He was the Chair of IEEE CAS Multimedia TC 2009-10 and the General Chair of IEEE Intl. Conf. on Multimedia and Expo 2009.

    In 2003, he initiated and led 111 researchers in 23 worldwide institutes on video annotation to pave the foundation of Machine Learning in Computer Vision. His webpage was the Top 1 search result of Baidu search on Big Data Analytics 2015-2017. Dr. Lin's works won 7 best paper awards and were featured 4 times by the BusinessWeek magazine, including being the Top Story of the Week in May 2009.

    In 2010, IBM Exploratory Research Career Review selected Dr. Lin as a researcher in the category of "most likely to have the greatest scientific impact for IBM and the world.”

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