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Tiny yet powerful: Hardware for TinyML

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 18:25-18:50 at Online Track 1


The convergence of AI, 5G, and IoT technologies is resulting in a need for real-time information and responses. Network latency, data privacy, and consumer expectations around user experience and environmental impact are driving a shift to computing at the endpoint. Combining on-device intelligence with AI and ML capabilities has the potential to unlock new use cases and applications.

TinyML is a field of study in endpoint AI/ML that explores the types of models you can run on small, low-powered devices. This talk will touch on what makes TinyML particularly challenging, and how neural network models and hardware can be co-designed to meet these challenges. Then, there are some examples of actual tinyML hardware platforms will be introduced, and it will close with some predictions on where this is headed.

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  • 徐達勇 David Hsu
  • Arm / FAE Director
  • David Hsu is FAE Director of Arm, leading FAE team of Taiwan for closer collaboration and communications internally and externally to accomplish partners and customers solutions.

    He has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the semiconductor industry.David Hsu joined Arm in 2011 as a CPU FAE as well as responsible for product marketing and sales project management and then left in 2017.

    After then, he joined Intelligo, a start-up invested by MediaTek, leading the business development team to explore opportunities in Japan, Korea and US. In 2019 he was recruited by Arm again as FAE director to drive Arm’s IP solutions adoption.

    In addition to Arm, David worked at Faraday, Alpha Imaging Technology (MediaTek subsidiary) and BenQ, focusing on IC design work ranging from architecture definition, RTL coding, front-end/back-end implementation to IC verification and testing.

    He has rich experience in pre-sales strategy set-up and sales enablement. David received a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at National Chiao Tung University.

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