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Artificial Intelligence facilitates Precise Treatment for the Critically Ill Patients

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⏱️ 10/7 (Thur.) 20:20-20:45 at Online Track 1


Recent studies constantly demonstrate that the accuracy of deep learning algorithms in detecting disease from medical images is equivalent to health-care professionals if not over perform doctors.

On the other hand, doctors taking care of the acute patient in the intensive care unit (ICU) facing greater challenges.

Resuscitating a critically ill patient require the ability to evaluate all vital organ functions based on lab data, images, dynamic physiological data from bedside sensors to search for the etiology in a limited time.

Take Covid-19 infection as an example, clinical presentations are affected by the variety of virus, virus load, as well as patients’ age and genetic makeup.

All these variables will modulate the translation of protein (cytokines) that orchestrate the circulatory shock, acute lung, kidney and liver injure and coagulopathy.

To cope with such a tremendous amount of high-speed, diverse, and unclear information, sometimes, it is beyond the human knowledge and ability to make a precise diagnosis and treatment.

A precise and personized treatment requires meticulous calculation of the risk and benefit of each medication and dosage that incorporate the dysfunctional organ information and its interaction with the unique individual makeup.

We desperately need an AI to continuously gather the massive and complex physiologic data to identify the distinct phenotype and unique biorhythm to formulate an optimal treatment plan.

AI definitely will transform our medical practice, from Empirical to Precision Medicine, from population constructed evidenced based medicine to personalized treatments.

Most of all, AI will become an important member of our team in ICU.

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  • 唐高駿 Gau-Jun Tang
  • NYCU Hospital / Superintendent
  • 現職:國立陽明交通大學醫務管理所

    教授 國立陽明交通大學附設醫院 醫師 國立陽明大學附設醫院 首任院長 澳門科技大學醫學院 兼任教授 學歷:國立陽明大學 醫學系學士 美國約翰霍普金斯大學 公共衛生學院碩士 長庚及香港中文大學 APEMBA 碩士 經歷:1984-1987 臺北榮總麻醉部住院醫師 1988-1989 急診部及 ICU 進修 1990-1991 美國約翰霍普金斯醫院外科加護中心 1991-1995 臺北榮民總醫院重症加護主治醫師 1998-1998 美國匹茲堡大學 UPMC Starzl 移植中心 1999-2001 臺北榮民總醫院重症加護病室主任 2001-2007 署立宜蘭醫院院長 2007-2008 臺北市立聯合醫院忠孝院區院長兼代資訊室主任 2008-2011 陽明大學附設醫院院長 2011- 迄今 陽明大學醫務管理所教授 2019- 迄今 國立交通大學合聘教授 2020- 迄今 澳門科技大學醫學院兼任教授 學會:1999-2006 西太平洋重症醫學會秘書長 (Western Pacific Association of CCM) 2000-2002 台灣心臟救命術聯合委員會主任委員 2004-2006 台灣急救加護醫學會理事長 2010-2013 台灣重症醫學會理事長 2012- 迄今 中華醫學會重症醫學雜誌編審 (CN 11-6033/R) 專科證書:中華民國麻醉醫學會專科醫師台灣重症醫學專科醫師 歐洲重症醫學專科證書 (European diploma of Intensive Care)

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