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Embedding AI as the Sustainable Core Competence for Enterprises (18:00~18:15)

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 18:00-18:25 at Online Track 3


Successful model verification will not achieve ROI. AI must not only be implemented, but also be able to continuously upgrade and maintain online to become the sustainable core competence for enterprises.

This report attempts to explain that companies should treat AI as an infrastructure, not just an application service, to lay the foundation step by step and fully connected. The necessary preparations, challenges and opportunities along the way will be discussed with the experience from Innolux as well.

模型驗證成功不會達成 ROI。AI 不僅要落地,還要能平展與維運,才能成為可維持的競爭力。本報告嘗試說明企業應該要將 AI 視為基礎架構,而不僅是應用服務,循序漸進並且環環相扣的奠定基礎。同時以群創經驗說明必須的準備,將面對的挑戰以及機會。

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  • 謝禮宗 Howard Hsieh Website:
  • CEO Office, Innolux Corporation / Technical General Director
  • 謝禮宗目前服務於群創光電,擔任執行長辦公室技術總處長職務。2009 年加入群創時正值面板業最大的合併案:群創,奇美與統寶三合一。他帶領群創資訊部門,一方面支持營運成長,同時也完成新群創標準流程與系統收斂。2017 年以整合的 IT 架構為基礎,負責群創工業 4.0 的整合規劃與推動執行,並持續參與數位轉型任務至今。

    加入群創之前,他於 1996 年共同創業慧盟資訊並擔任總經理,協助企業客戶建置 ERP,SCM 以及 BI 解決方案。在此之前,他任職於資策會擔任產品開發工程師。他目前也在國立陽明交通大學攻讀博士學位。以下是他的聯絡方式;

  • Co-panelists:
    王俊權 Friedman Wang, 林建憲 Ken J.S Lin

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