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AI in Government

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 18:50-19:15 at Online Track 1


Making good use of data and digital technology to provide high quality services, and to improve government efficiency, is one of the primary goals for governments which advance digital governance policies.

This presentation will address the potential uses of AI in government for taxation, customs enforcement, traffic control, and other areas in Taiwan and other countries, and show the possibilities of improving efficiency and creating public value.


本演講將透過國內稅務、關務、交通、辦公場域等面向之 AI 運用情形,以及國外相關應用案例,分享在當代人工智慧的浪潮之下,政府部門運用相關技術提升效能、創造公共價值的可能性。

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  • 蘇俊榮 Su,Chun-Jung (James) Website:
  • Directorate-General of Personnel Administration Executive Yuan / Deputy Minister
  • Su,Chun-Jung(James) Deputy Minister, Directorate-General of Personnel Administration Executive Yuan EDUCATIONAL: Master of Computer Science / Boston University, USA、Bachelor of Statistics / National Chung Hsing University, R.O.C.(Taiwan). CAREER EXPERIENCES: 1.Deputy Minister / Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan. 2.Director-General / Fiscal Information Agency, Ministry of Finance. 3.Deputy Director-General / Financial Data Center, Ministry of Finance 4.Deputy Director / Department of Information Management of the RDEC, Executive Yuan. AWARDS AND HONORS: 2018 K. T. Li Breakthrough Award、2016 Republic of China (Taiwan) Presidential Innovation Award(groups)、2014 RFID Green Award、2013 Citizen Digital Certificate Application Award、2013 National Standardization Award、2012 Project Management Institute(PMI) Award、2012 Best Practice Award, PMI Taiwan、2011 FutureGov Public Sector Organization of the Year-North Asia、2011 3rd place, Outstanding E-government Project, eAsia Award 2011 EXPERTISE: ICT Innovative Service / Taiwan E-Governance Service / Public Human Resource Management

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