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The Beauty and Sorrow of AI Projects in Financial Scenes

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 20:35-21:00 at Online Track 1


The application of AI in financial scenarios can be said to be far-reaching, and its importance is well known, but what problems will actually be encountered when implementing AI projects?

We will take several AI projects as examples to illustrate the beauty (vision) and sorrow (pain points) experienced by these projects from conception, design, modeling, to implementation, and maintenance.

These issues that will not be mentioned in the textbook are the key to determining whether an AI project can be successfully implemented and continuously improved in application scenarios.

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  • 張智星 Jyh-Shing Roger Jang Website:
  • 張智星於 1992 年取得加州大學柏克萊分校的電機電腦博士,博士論文即在探討模糊邏輯與類神經網路的建模與應用。

    1993 年加入美國 Mathworks 公司,開發與 MATLAB 共用的模糊邏輯工具箱。

    1995 年回台於清華大學資訊系任教,並於 2012 年轉任台灣大學資訊系。

    2014-2017 擔任台大資工系副主任,2017-2019 年擔任台大醫院資訊室主任,2018 年起擔任台大金融科技研究中心主任,2020 年借調到玉山金控擔任科技長。


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