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AI and Smart Manufacturing in AIDC

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 18:50-19:15 at Online Track 2


AIDC has laid out three AI-enabling paradigms—Intelligent Machinery, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Intelligent Management—to drive the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Aerospace industry.

Further, AIDC has developed in-house intelligent manufacturing and management system, iAIDC system, to integrate IIoT, Big data, CPS, Robots and other production systems.

iAIDC in-house have been praised by renowned international aerospace customers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Honeywell.

In 2018 AIDC was granted Smart Machinery Golden Award by the Ministry Of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

Since intelligent manufacturing was deploymend, AIDC has seen rising annual revenue and decreasing production cost. Overall enterprise performance and value-added rate have been steadily improved.

To AIDC, intelligent manufacturing is not only taking place now but will continually adapt and evolve into the future as well. Most importantly, iAIDC experience and management model will be downstream replicated, driving paradigm shift in aerospace suppliers.

It is envisioned that AIDC and its partners as well as suppliers will together embark on the journey of digital transformation, and grow together to create a new horizon in the years to come.

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  • 吳天勝 Tian-Sheng Wu
  • Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) / Chief Technology Innovation Officer
  • 吳天勝現職擔任漢翔航空工業公司研發長 經歷: 漢翔公司公司資訊處處長、中山科學研究院副研究員、航太複材製慧製造產創領航計畫計畫主持人、智慧漢翔 AI 推動計畫計畫主持人、智慧製造及智慧維修應用計畫計畫主持人、航太產業自動化整合技術科專計畫專案經理

    獲獎: 經濟部第 7 屆經濟部國家產業創新獎 (團隊類 - 創新領航獎) 經濟部『智慧機械金質獎(智慧製造類) 』109 年『傑出工程師獎』『中華民國十大傑出資訊人才獎』(Top 10 Outstanding IT Elite Awards) 『經濟部優秀人員獎』、『中華民國百大創新產品獎』『經國號戰機傑出貢獻獎』

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