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Trust in Artificial Intelligence

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 18:25-18:50 at Online Track 2


AI is used in a range of applications, such as calculating the best travel route to take in real-time, predicting what customers will buy, identifying credit card fraud, helping diagnose disease, identifying people from photos, and enabling self-driving vehicles.

KPMG provides insights into the key drivers of trust, community expectations and confidence in the regulation of AI, expectations of the management of societal challenges associated with AI, as well as Taiwanese current understanding and awareness of AI.

Importantly, the findings provide a clear understanding of the practices and principles to responsibly develop and ethically deploy AI in society and the workplace.

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  • 賴偉晏 Wayne Lai Website:
  • KPMG in Taiwan / Head of Digital
  • 賴偉晏 (Wayne) 目前擔任 KPMG 安侯建業數位創新服務營運長,專精於企業數位轉型及創新科技應用、客戶體驗規劃設計、大數據分析應用策略、集團經營績效管理及相關應用系統導入實施。在擔任管理顧問期間,已成功協助眾多企業提升營運績效,透過數位轉型驅動新成長動能。

    同時,面對金融科技、5G、人工智慧應用、客戶年代下的企業轉型多元新興議題,Wayne 亦積極扮演產業意見領導者角色。

    加入 KPMG 前,Wayne 曾擔任中華電信業商業分析中心 (Business Analytic Competency Center) 業務發展總監,負責帶領資料科學團隊,以數據創造價值為核心,發展集團大數據整體策略,並規劃相關應用場景及產品,創造新獲利引擎。


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