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Antoine Chen

Antoine Chen The Application of AI Wire Harness Manufacturing (20:40~20:55)

”AI 在線束製造業的應用”,一開始介紹線束對於產業的重要性,以及面對未來趨勢面臨什麼樣問題。如何透過 AI 協助提升競爭力。了解線束品質的重要性,如何透過 AI 檢查出瑕疵;電線顏色位置透過 AI 檢測;射出機台如何透過 AI 將參數識別下來記錄到 MES 系統;AI 如何結合 RPA 讓採購面對供應商銷貨單對帳的流程創新。"The Application of AI Wire Harness Manufacturing", at the beginning, introduced the importance of wire harness to the industry and what kind of problems it faces in the face of future trends. How to use AI to help enhance competitiveness. Understand the importance of wiring harness quality, how to detect defects through AI; wire color position through AI detection; how injection machines use AI to identify parameters and record them to the MES system; how to combine AI with RPA to make purchases face the supplier’s sales order Innovation in the process of accounting.
頁數: 1 2 3 - 每頁 20 筆