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E.SUN Bank was established in 1992, which was named after the highest mountain in Taiwan. We offer warm and attentive services with sincerity and have become customers’ first choice in financial services. As Fin Tech emerges as the fastest growing tech sector, E.SUN has established the first Intelligent Banking Division to provide a variety of AI-enabled financial services. In 2020, E.SUN continues to be named the highest valued banking brand in Taiwan by The Banker, and we will continue to provide more innovative financial services to our customers. With the teamwork of like-minded financial professionals, we believe E.SUN will be one of the leading banks in the world.

玉山銀行成立於1992年,以台灣最高的山為名,秉持「心清如玉,義重如山」的理念,提供顧客全方位的金融服務。因應金融科技的發展趨勢,玉山設立金融業第一個以AI為核心的智能金融團隊,結合科技與金融專業,創造多種新型態的數位金融服務並快速成長,2020年更蟬聯《The Banker》台灣銀行品牌價值第1名。玉山將持續結合各領域專家團隊的力量,發展有特色的創新金融服務,讓台灣的金融服務登上國際金融舞台,成就台灣的玉山、世界的玉山。

  • 聯絡人:呂小姐
  • Email:rosalu-20902@email.esunbank.com.tw
  • 電話:02-2175-1313 # 9619