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The anchor while both hardware and software are changing

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⏱️ 10/7 (Thur.) 20:20-20:45 at Online Track 3


100-day demand of computer performance doubles while one-year improvement of computer performance downs to 3%. For fitting the high demand of computer performance, it comes a new golden age for computer architecture.

In this talk, we will introduce the challenges coming from both hardware and software sides. And then offering our solutions addessing these great challenges.

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  • 唐文力 Luba Tang
  • Skymizer Taiwan, Inc. / CEO
  • Luba Tang is an internationally recognized expert on compiler optimization and virtual machine design. His research interests include both electronic system level (ESL) design, compilers, and virtual machines.

    He was the chief programmer of Starfish DSP simulator; the original writer of Marvell iterative compiler; the software architect of the MCLinker project – the fastest and smallest system linker in the world; and the architect of the ONNC project – the first heterogeneous architecture compiler for deep learning accelerators.

    He is the co-founder of the biggest and most professional engineer’s meet-ups – Hsinchu Code Serf’s Meeting, Cat System Workshop - in Taiwan.

    He is the found and CEO of the professional compiler company – Skymizer Taiwan Inc.

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