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AI & IoT with Edge Computing

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 21:00-21:25 at Online Track 1


Edge Computing has started being in our daily life. Local machine needs to have real-time & precise responses to the changes in surrounding environment. With recent AI & IoT technology innovation, edge computing will enrich everyone's life for work and at home.

In this section, speaker will present what INTEL has invented/provided for Edge Computing with AI and how those application will empower the IoT markets.

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  • 施敬修 James Shih
  • INTEL, Internet of Thing Group / Sr. Director of Platform Application
  • James works in INTEL for 18+ years and is now enabling IoT & AI Inference market with INTEL platforms.

    He was also responsible for embedded & tablet market enablement in Taiwan. Prior to INTEL, he was a senior communication and computer engineer in US high-tech company.

    James graduated from NCKU EE, and hold MS of Computer Engineering from USC & EMBA degree from NTU.

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