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FET on the Journey from Big Data to AI

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⏱️ 10/8 (Fri.) 18:00-18:25 at Online Track 1


Utilizing big data and AI technology, Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) has been innovating and striving for breakthroughs in its internal integration and transformation experience. The "Mobile Circle" app provides personalized food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, and consumption integration services, and a number of 5G smart products (Big Data, AI, and IoT) have been successfully exported and applied to a number of government and corporate smart transformation projects. FET 5G has also won three world firsts in download speed, upload speed and video experience in the recent Opensignal international authoritative global competition! FET has proven and realized that FET has the ability to continue to improve and explore new business opportunities with customers!

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  • 胡德民 Peter Hu
  • Information and Digital Transformation Technology Division, FET / Executive Vice President
  • 胡德民(Peter Hu)先生於 2021 年 8 月加入遠傳電信,擔任資訊暨數位轉型科技群執行副總經理一職,負責 5G 電信支援系統、企業資訊服務轉型、新一代數位用戶體驗、數位渠道發展以及遠傳「大人物(大數據、人工智慧、物聯網)」戰略的解決方案規劃與實踐。

    在加入遠傳之前,胡德民先生曾任台灣微軟專家技術部暨微軟技術中心總經理,並兼任微軟新創加速器執行長。在微軟服務 14 年期間,曾獲得微軟全球最佳開發平台產品經理獎、微軟全球員工卓越貢獻金獎 (Circle of Excellence Gold Club Award) 以及微軟全球最佳解決方案技術領袖獎 (Technical Solutions Excellence Award – Global Best STU Leader) 等榮譽。

    胡德民也曾經擔任 IBM 大中華區企業應用中台產品經理、精業公司專業技術服務事業群資深經理等職務。 胡德民出生於台灣,於 1997 年取得淡江大學資訊管理學位;他的經歷足跡遍及整個大中華區,平時閒暇的愛好是攝影與閱讀。

    Mr. Peter Hu joined FET in August 2021 as Executive Vice President of the Information and Digital Transformation Technology Division, where he is responsible for 5G telecom supporting systems, enterprise information technology services, the next generation of digital user experience, digital channel platform development, and the solution planning and implementation for the transformation strategy of "Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things".Prior to joining FET, Peter was the General Manager of Solutions Technical Unit and Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) of Microsoft Taiwan, and was also the leader of Microsoft Startups Accelerator Taipei.

    During his 14 years of service at Microsoft, he has received the Microsoft Global Best Developer Platform Product Manager Award, Circle of Excellence Gold Club Award, and the Technical Solutions Excellence Award – Global Best STU Leader. Peter has also worked for IBM Greater China Group as Product Manager of Application Middleware Platform, and Senior Manager of Professional Service Group of Systex. Born in Taiwan, Peter graduated from Information Management Department of Tamkung University in 1997.

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