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The Revolution of AI Using Synthetic Data and How It Powers the Future of Shopping

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⏱️ 10/7 (Thur.) 18:55-19:20 at Online Track 1


The world is vast, and can hardly be described by a small sample of real images and labels. Not to mention that acquiring high-quality labels for AI training is both time-consuming and expensive, and sometimes infeasible. With synthetic data, we can fully capture a small but relevant aspect of the world in perfect detail. In our case, we create large-scale store simulations and render high-quality images with pixel-perfect labels, and use them to successfully train our deep learning models. This enables AiFi to create superior AI platform to automate all stores of the future at massive scale.

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  • 鄭影 Ying Zheng
  • AiFi Inc / Cofounder & President
  • Ying received her PhD in computer vision from Duke University and EMBA from Stanford GSB. She loves Taiwan and studied at National Tsinghua University for 3 months as a research scholar, sponsored by CURE (Hui-Chun Chin and Tsung-Dao Lee Chinese Undergraduate Research Endowment).

    While young, she attended worldwide programming contests, winning championships both nationally and internationally, recognizing her as one of the best programmers in the world. After working at Google and Apple as a senior research scientist, she co-founded AiFi, with a mission to bring ultimate efficiency and delight to shopping.

    She is leading AI Research team to develop cutting-edge technologies to automate all stores of the future as well as fundraising and retail executive business relations. She believes the best way to predict the future is to create it. She is enjoying doing that every day.

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